Monday, April 29, 2013

preparing for a (not my) wedding

I recently attended a friend's wedding and it was just as great as the other weddings of my other friends. Getting a gift for the bride is easy because she's a friend of mine since childhood, but for the groom? It's a bit challenging. It's not as if you just needed to pick one from so many mens platinum wedding bands in store display. Anyway, I just remembered a post I made a couple of years back. This is a post I made for my cousin's wedding. :-)

I grew up considering my 2 cousins as my brothers. One was already married (keng's father), and the other is about to get married this coming January. Of course, I feel happy for them. But I feel a little more sad this time, knowing that I am the only one left unmarried. At the same time, I feel more excited for the coming wedding. I was still in college when kuyang got married, so my inputs then weren't asked. haha. But now, having attended so many weddings already, I think I had shared with the future couple substantial inputs. hehe.

I am amazed how creative people can be. Several years ago, almost all wedding I attended were traditional, from the dresses, to the venues, to the programs, to the souvenirs. Now, this recent wedding I attended at Tagaytay was so beautiful and so "artistic" that I want my cousins' wedding to be just as enjoyable. And I've emphasized to my cousin over and over that he can cut down on the expenses of other stuff, but not with the photographer and the videographer! Memories are priceless, especially if captured brilliantly.

I told my would-be sister-in-law that the bridesmaids should have simple, almost uniform hairdo, so she could outshine them all. And I've told my cousin to consult me first before choosing whatever songs that would be played in the presentations or in the church. I don't trust his taste in music hehe (and i volunteered to sing!). And I've edited their invitations several times. I wish I could have been more hands-on than just merely suggesting, but I'm sure they understand. Please feel free to suggest anything that would make their wedding unique. =)

And of course, I am preparing myself for the wedding. I am cutting my 1 1/2 cup of rice during dinner to 1 cup. =)

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