Tuesday, April 16, 2013

re-posting: a fine man

i wrote a post a while ago about my cousin Eduard... how he made me so proud of him, how happy i am for him, and many other things. i'm re-posting it here because he just graduated from grade school, and this time, as the valedictorian. i am so proud of you, Eduard!


Time and again, Eduard makes me proud. Although he's my cousin by blood, our relationship is more like parental probably because of the age difference. I've already recounted stories of how I am so proud of how he's grown up to be so selfless and how happy I am that right now, he's been very active in the church, serving for masses several times a week (much frequent than the times I go to mass in a month!). How reverend he has become. I can play in a vlc media player all the things that make me proud of him, and much of these things are more than just academic.

But it's more than just a bonus that he's a bright kid, too! Two days ago, I went up with him on the stage and received his medal for being second honor! [EDIT: imagine how proud i am that this time, i went up with him on the stage to get the medal for being a valedictorian] I will never be tired of saying this, I am so proud of you, Eduard. How lucky we are that we have in our family a fine young man.

he's seriously considering the possibility of pursuing a religious vocation, so, i guess searching for wedding rings for men as a gift for him in the future is a remote possibility. :-)

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