Monday, April 29, 2013

missing blogging II

(a guest post from eks)

Just like Mordsith, I miss blogging about things that are really close to my heart. I stopped writing posts lately because of sudden increase in workload (not complaining! hehehe). There was a time when writing posts are as easy as checking and sending e-mails to friends and colleagues. That was the time when I just needed to hold my phone, type my post in an e-mail platform, and send the article to my blog.

Lately, however, I only write blogs when I need to, not want to (that's why you sometimes see me writing about Whitecraft wicker patio furniture from or about other things you really have no idea about). Well, that's life. Hopefully I'd be able to write better article soon!

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docgelo said...

hi eks! hello mordsith!
happy blogging :)