Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fast-paced karma

Notwithstanding the annoying incident (see post below) today, my day ended happy. =)

I have this weird belief that whenever I really want to get something right, I don't want to be happy for the day until I get that right. I believe in the concept of bawi in that, because I was so happy, I'd be sad next. And sad means I won't get what I want. haha. It's somewhat like fast-paced karma.

I couldn't contain my happiness when I got home. I devoured all the food and the fruits in the table (never mind my fat belly or that I need the best weight loss supplement) and was so talkative the whole time. It's just that I've been so down lately, one good moment thrills me!

So thanks to the couple below. You made my day. ;)

photo from the web

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