Thursday, February 10, 2011


Last Friday, my mother had her final chemotherapy. Mother, as well as dad and I, wanted to celebrate. It meant the end of those vicious chemos leaving mommy like a crumpled paper. It meant not seeing those dainty nurses uniforms every 3 weeks or so. It meant the end of the constant stress of finding a means to pay for them.

And so we did celebrate. We went to our pizza pasta restaurant and ordered our favorite pastas and the must-have buffalo wings. Mother even ordered bottomless soda for herself. It was really a celebration, free from all least for the meantime.

Yesterday, the side effects of the chemo were kicking in. Up to now, mother feels very weak and depressed, aggravated by vertigo. It was a sight disheartening to behold---one I never want to see ever again.

Still, I find solace that it would be the last of it. It is just a residue of a difficult chapter now closed.


kayni said...

My hugs to your mom. I hate seeing my mom or dad sick too. I'm hoping she's now cancer free. My prayers. Be strong.

kg said...

let's hope for the best! :)

witsandnuts said...

We all hope for your mother's recovery and/or prolonged health.