Friday, February 25, 2011

the second mom

Next week, I am again asked to be a ninang for my childhood friend's son. I already have dozens of inaanaks, the first and second are already in college. Every time, I feel delighted to be chosen as a godmother. It feels like an acknowledgment of the bond I have formed with the parent/s and a recognition that I could really be a second parent to their child. Most of the parents are close friends, and material gifts that I could give to their children are immaterial. As of now, I am in no position yet to buy fabulous strollers or baby car seats (or the best diet pills for the moms who have just given birth hehe). The only thing I could promise is I'd try my best to be the coolest godmother I could be. =)

photo from the web


eks said...

now that godmother is so kool! si angelina jolie ba yun? i'm still contemplating if i can ask angelina to be the god mother of my son/daughter because the truth is, i want her to be their mother. :-D

mordsith said...

haha. dehins na pwede ata. UNLESS you can be brad pitt! LOL

eks said...

the persona has lost its identity a long time ago. 'that' brad pitt, as we know it, is just an idea. i can be that idea! but i won't... i want angelina to lov--- no... i will make angelina love me as i am. wahahaha!