Sunday, February 20, 2011

vacation frenzy

There are so many people planning getaways, booking local flights here and there. Fortunately for people, local airlines have been offering apparently cheaper price for a flight to here and there, airfares which were previously so difficult to afford. Unfortunately for me, I cannot see any foreseeable time when I could actually make an out-of-town vacation, save for my hometown. Indeed, I am quite jealous of friends who have been constantly browsing Cebu Pacific or PAL or SeaAir for the best deals, while I am engaged in reading lipozene reviews and trying to comfort myself that, well, there may still be those good flight-hotel packages and appropriate time for a trip to somewhere relaxing/exciting. If and when I get that, I'd fly myself to Japan (or just about anywhere not here).

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Grace de Castro said...

kelan mo naman ako isasama sa hometown mo? :)