Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get A Room

I arrived at school 2 hours before my class. I motivated myself to maximize that whole time to study. I am overly anxious over that subject, and I'm desperately, desperately, wanted to get a good recitation.

While other people prefer studying in the library or in groups, I prefer studying in quiet and isolated from people. I get distracted easily, so I always choose an isolated place, where very few people pass and/or stay.

In a quiet corridor I sat down on a bench, where only one quiet law student was also studying. Perfect spot.

After a few minutes, a girl sat on a bench crying loudly. It was what we call in Filipino as ngumangawa. In a minute, she was followed by a guy, apparently her boyfriend. The girl was almost hysterical, and I, about 15 meters away, can hear all she's saying. It was just quite annoying how she's been overreacting because she walked alone for like, I don't know, a block. At first, the guy was calming her. After a few minutes, he was also shouting then he left. The girl was now hysterical. The guy came back. Apparently he never really intended to leave her there; he just checked on something. Argh.

They could have been arguing for enzyte side effects or world domination for all I care. I don't want to know. I don't want to hear. I just hope that they just get a room.

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