Thursday, February 17, 2011

the story of the men in camouflage

There is no doubt I want to be a lawyer. I am going through all these no-rest years just to be one, not to mention the serious anxieties I now feel regularly whenever I'm in class.

Perhaps the reason is that a lawyer's career involves public service, if one chooses to do so. Or maybe it's because people look up to lawyers, at least I do so.

But when I was a child, I seriously wanted also to be a soldier---yes, a foot soldier battling in the field. I literally dreamed of armed confrontations in forest, and I always felt thrilled when I wake up. I got an application for PMA when I was a high school senior, but I lacked months for the age requirement. I didn't pursue it the year next.

Perhaps the reason was that a soldier's career involves public service, and it's absolutely so. Or maybe it's because people look up to soldiers, at least I did so.

And this is precisely the reason I am really saddened, no, outraged, by all the controversies the armed forces are getting into. Instead of lives saved, we're now talking of funds malversed. Instead of putting lives at stake to defend public, we're now hearing of taking own lives to evade public hearing.

While the generals' wives are traveling the world with their gold credit cards (one was stupid enough to bring cash), the foot soldiers were running in worned-out combat shoes and defective guns. You know how the story goes.

I remembered the time when I looked at men in camouflage in awe. I looked back when, as a child, I salute whenever I see them. I am still hoping this despicable story will change. It has not ended yet...I hope.

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