Thursday, December 2, 2010

crazy about Keng

Every year, kuyang and her wife and lovely, lovely child go home for Christmas from Qatar. Since the start of the year, we have always been dreaming of my niece Keng's return. She's that little girl from my stories of Christmas last year who makes my heart melt when she smiles.

She's only 3, but she's a big girl. And dresses for a 5-year-old no longer fit her. haha. She embraces you when she thinks you are mad at her, and she steals kisses from youjust because she wants to. She's very sweet. She's very active though, running around everywhere! She's curious about everything, even how to pop a pimple from my face! And if you really follow her around, you'll be racing for breath in no time.

All year-round, my father and I talk of her. My father is crazy about her. He actually is the one who can make her sleep, and sometimes she sleeps for the night beside my father when kuyang and his wife would go out at night. He prepares her milk. He also prepares her bath in our big drum so she could swim there. haha. Of all of us, he is the most patient with her. He can make her giggle hard. When Keng was with other relatives, my father would wait for her, sometimes asking me to check if she has already come back home to our house. It makes me smile looking at them, remembering that father also did all that to me when I was a child.

Now she's coming back home. And I can't wait to kiss her, and hug her, and carry her, and play with her. And my father is doubly excited.


kg said...

ay...uuwi uli si keng... :(

kg said...

he he! joke!