Saturday, December 18, 2010

there's something about Santa

If there's one thing that made my birthday, it's Santa. He has always been a very adorable figure for me, and I have always wanted to have his figure in our house. I wouldn't want his distinct white mustache, big bell, and red robe any other way. I wouldn't want a thin Santa under lipofuze or a pretty boy in flashy clothes. He's the perfect figure as he is. It brings delight to the atmosphere (at least to me) to have him the house a hundred times more. =)

I couldn't contain my happiness just by looking at these two Santas that I was finally able to buy. What's best, I got them both at a bargain price. =)

Christmas would be merrier now Santa's around!

1 comment:

eks said...

hohoho! maghahanap ako ng ka-size ko na santa. taps, ilalagay ko sa bubong namin!