Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eric's Graduation Party

After Eric graduating with honors (from cancer), of course, there should be a celebration! It was not the typical food-and-drinks party, but it was what we truly enjoyed. We weren't dressed in fancy rocawear, but we're definitely dressed to have fun. =)

after playing beinte-uno

We were all enthusiastic playing beinte-uno. Eric could barely throw the ball a meter away from him, but he sure enjoyed trying to shoot that ball haha. He would also play defense whenever his Dikong Eduard has the ball. Interestingly, he never put down the rubix cube while we were playing ball. He kept on showing it to me throughout the game, in a super excited manner, though he never really formed a pattern. haha.

Eric and Eduard in the slide

After playing in the basketball court, we proceeded to the playground. At first, I was afraid Eric might fall while climbing the stairs of the slide, but he was really energetic and climbed up and slid down numerous times nonstop. He also enjoyed the photo-op in the playground. =)

We only stopped playing after we were already too tired and hungry, and after it had become truly a day to remember.


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