Thursday, December 23, 2010

White Party

Last Monday, our first-year block held our Christmas party. Now, we belong to different sections, so bonding moments like this one were cherished moments. We were all excited to be together again, and luckily, all of us were game in all the parlor games and photo-ops. That we all enjoyed the party was unmistakable in our faces, both from our pictorials (feeling models kami!) and candid photos from the best hidden camera photographers among us!

I wonder why people who like taking and posing for pictures flock together. haha. Before all the people arrived, we the early birds decided to pose for the camera. We searched all the studio-like places in the gazebo and posed there. We also did gay-lesbian-lovers pictures, though the pictures wouldn't really pass for real. haha.

waiting for others

when we were still sober

feeling lesbians haha

which two are gays?

party time!

photos after ping, pong, pang game

beer drinking contest

group pictures

And while most were drunk, the cameras continue on clicking, catching our insanity through their spy camera and freezing the memories i.n time. We would have died laughing if the Twister game had not ended (ehem.. nanalo ako!).

We all had our heyday that night. We started with smiles, continued on with giggles, and ended with laughters. I planned on going home earlier that night, but none of us actually went home until 4 a.m. Celebrations like this are addicting, especially when you're people you missed almost the whole year. Until next year! =)


kg said...

wow! ang saya saya!

docgelo said...

i see photos of nothing but fun!nothing beats celebrations with friends and family of course.

merry christmas! :D