Sunday, December 19, 2010

Keng's Back in Pinas

After a year of waiting, my niece Keng is back in the country. She and her parents only come home for Christmas, as they live in Qatar. She has grown so much. At 3 years old, she's as big as maybe a girl about 6 years old. She's still as lovely as ever. With all her pretty evening dresses and cute outfits, she never fails to charm anyone.

Keng with Santa.

She was scaring everyone with this spider. Brave little girl.

She's cute when she's making faces.

Ian and I brought her to the mall. She absolutely enjoyed seeing many things and playing around. She's very hard to carry though. Still, I and Ian were her willing victims, carrying her around like a sack of rice. =)

She looks at things with such curiosity.

Like her father, she likes cars. She even knows how to shift gears!

She absolutely loves playgrounds and playmates!


kg said...

oh my! she's so big na!!! you must be thrilled that she's here!

miss na kita mordsith! miss ko na eric versus keng lokohan natin! :)

onyxx said...

yes, she does look big for her age -- kids grow up so fast these days. before you know it, dalaga na yan hehehe

eks said...

waahhh! dalaga na si keng!!! :-D

witsandnuts said...

She's healthy and pretty! Happy new year!