Saturday, December 25, 2010

the different faces of keng

If there's anything that makes Christmas special, it's Keng. Anyone with a baby in the house, a child or a niece or a godchild, would understand this light feeling, like floating in the air. Every movement is a wonderful surprise. Everything she sees is a discovery. =)

Most of the time, she likes playing doctor. She has her stethoscope and would listen to our heartbeat one by one. She actually knows how to say "inhale" and "exhale", with matching holding her breath. At other times, she just wants to try different things. Indoor or outdoor lighting, she's just fabulous in the camera.

hello, mommy?

busy with work? eric's just watching over "baby"

baby, it's the guitar girl

female Potter

the time of her life

happy =)

1 comment:

kg said...

in fairness, kasya sya sa timba! must be one big pail! he he!

merry christmas mordsith!