Sunday, December 12, 2010

with honors

Didn't we all look forward to our graduation? First, it was because it meant end of our tests and hardships in school. Second, and most especially, it was because it was a step further toward our goal, presumably a comfortable, blessed life.

And that was what precisely, and with much more meaning, what happened yesterday. Yesterday, the Philippine Children's Medical Center held a celebration for the children who succesfully finished all the chemotherapy sessions and other treatments. Eric graduated, not from school, but from being a cancer patient. He has surpassed all those intravenous treatments and awfully painful bone marrow tests. He has passed the stage of not being able to walk and eat and talk. In that hospital of metal building and then seemingly lonely walls, along the way, many children did not make it. One day, you just see them playing just beside Eric's bed; the next day, they're gone. Thankfully, because Eric is a fighter, with an iron will of a child to go on, he survived his leukemia. He was diagnosed when he was 4; now he was 7 and very active.

When he arrived in my place, he was really excited to show me all the gifts he got from the people and foundations who supported these kids with cancer, along with actors, singers, and politicians. He got two bags of toys and school stuff and waited for me before he would open his huge gift-wrapped box (inside was an educational toy). But he was super proud when he showed me perhaps his most precious gift of all of us.

Graduating with honors, I am pretty sure Eric will have a more comfortable, blessed life. =)


eks said...

awww... sorry, wala akong masabi, natutuwa ako.. :-)

kg said...

this made me smile and set my day to a good start!

such good news!

onyxx said...

wow. nice post, this. i wish i could come up with something half as socially relevant and as touching as this one

Peter Joseph said...

Congratulations eric!!!

docgelo said...

this post almost moved me to tears.
as a daddy (and MD), i know how it feels when kids are in pain.

mang benn said...


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