Tuesday, December 14, 2010

time well spent

The good thing about the second semester is you get to rest for a while during Christmas break. Of course, there are still much case digests to do, enough to occupy your time the rest of the period if you are diligent about them. For now, I am just glad I'd be away from that library barcode scanner and calculating eyes of professors.

But 2 weeks is so short such that it should be time well spent, whatever "spending time well" means for you. One may choose either to be productive, or be relaxed, or a combination of both. I have no plans yet for this period. But my niece Keng is in the country for a short while, so playing with her is a top priority. Other than that, I have no idea how to spend the holidays. In any case, I'll try to make this 2 weeks time well spent alone, with friends, with family.

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