Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why is Santa adorable?

Santa is adorable because he promises kids gifts, and the kids get gifts during Christmas days. He seldom (or no longer) surprises adults with gifts of acne pills, or celphones, or ipod, or kindle, probably because he has already too much to carry for the kids, not to mention being expensive.
When I was young, Santa would leave a note on my chalkboard, telling me to be a good girl. And I would run to my parents and tell them Santa left me a letter. The handwriting though seemed familiar. Nah. Maybe not. The one Christmas, Santa gave kuyang so many gifts, one a robot I think, and I frowned because Santa only gave me money (though they were really crispy!). But I was wrong. Daddy found another gift for me and a bag of chocolates under our vase. It was hidden so we didn't see it right away. Whew!

Now, Santa no longer gives me gifts. But I still thank him for all those he had given me through the years. Now, Santa is adorable because he looks like the kind grandparent who spoils his grandkids but still tells them to be good. Santa is adorable because he's chubby and huggable. Santa is arorable because he has reindeers. Santa is adorable because he travels on sleigh up in the air. Santa is adorable because he has a contagious laughter. Santa is adorable because he lets children know that their wishes can come true, if only they would be good boys and girls.

Right now, remembering Santa, I am actually smiling. Because Santa is so adorable!!!

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eks said...

"...because he's chubby and huggable."

i never should have doubted it -- i am really, really adorable in a major major kind of way.