Wednesday, December 22, 2010

going italian

After our sumptuous lunch in John and Yoko, we indulged ourselves to sweets at Caffe Ti-Amo, also in Greenbelt 5, famous for its Italian coffee and gelato. It was my first time to taste and learn how to consume Affogato, ignorant as I am when it comes to food other than Filipino and English. I ordered Affogato with Tiramisu gelato. It was two thumbs up! It wasn't too costly (unlike a term life insurance), so one can treat herself to this heaven once in a while. =)

Step 1. Choose your gelato. When you looked having difficulty choosing, the staff would ask you if you want a free taste, as she asked me. haha. I chose Tiramisu.

Step 2. Pour the nuts.


Step 3. Pour the coffee.

Step 4. Devour. =)

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