Friday, December 17, 2010

isang alamat

If there's one friend I am super proud of, it's eks. He's very skillful and intelligent. At his early 20s, he already became our copy-editing manager. When he was still a student in UP, he already held various interesting jobs, none of which I could have gotten (even now) had I tried. He knows a lot about technology and science without formal education and speaks of free website directory and Steve Jobs like a household name.

More than that, he's ultra nice. Really nice to a fault. He couldn't lift a finger to hit a fly. He's Mr. Congeniality and so much more. He's everybody's friend, and I am lucky to be one of his closest.

Yet again, he made another remarkable achievement*. He has helped Pier Roxas found his missing days. Congrats, eks! Isa kang alamat!

*Out of about a thousand entries, his story, and eventually his short film Phobia, topped the nationwide Nokia N8 Pier Roxas contest!


eks said...

"He couldn't lift a finger to hit a fly"

--because flies are smart and amazing creatures!!! and all living creatures are interconnected. we don't take someone else's life just like that... (see Avatar).

salamat, mordsith, for the kind words. :-) i can only think the same stuff about you. :-)

kg said...

ang galing galing ni eks grabe!

Angeli said...

i can personally attest to his being "ultra nice." :)